August 13, 2016

Thatcher Hullerman Cook

Thatcher Hullerman Cook is a documentary photographer based in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Thatcher collaborates with humanitarian aid and development organizations that work with refugees and other people affected by war, economic upheaval, and natural disasters. These international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have sent him on assignment to over sixty countries. The current show in our gallery includes twenty of his approx. 14,000 work prints. We put together an exhibit that inspires. It speaks to current world affairs and to our humanity. The photographs are beautifully hand printed and each image is made with an incredible amount of care and compassion. Thatcher Hullerman Cook is a photographer who shares his expertise, experience and talent with others. Thatcher offers workshops and one on one mentorships for students wishing to further develop their path towards a career in photography. 

The exhibit dates are: July 15th – August 16th, 2016

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